Scoiattolo-rosso-7Let’s start by debunking a myth: the hibernation. In fact, the red squirrel does not hibernate. It can be seen throughout the whole year; in autumn, when food can be found in large quantities, the red squirrel stores the surplus underground, between plants roots or tree hollows; it will then use the food storage to survive during winter. Spring and summer are its reproductive seasons. Up to two litters a year per female are possible. Each litter usually contains three or four young; gestation is about 36 to 42 days. After some 80 days the young are independent and start feeding like the adults.

What does exactly a red squirrel eat? Its diet is very variable: seeds, conifer cones, nuts, mushrooms and truffles, fruits (cherries, strawberries, blueberries…) larvae and bugs.